The distribution and abundance of fireflies in natural and agricultural areas of Pakistan

Waseem Akram, Muhammad Sajid Tabassum  & Khuram Zia

Department of Agri-Entomology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad,  Pakistan.


Over 70% of the population of Pakistan is involved in agriculture. Cultivated areas have shown an increase in pesticide consumption over the past few years. Some issues of concern are resistance development in pests and the death of non-target insects, which include natural enemies and insects of aesthetic value such as fireflies. Fireflies are well known for their beautiful night light displays and are indicators of a clean environment. The present study was carried out in agro-ecosystems where the common use of pesticide sprays has polluted the water sources. Population estimates indicate that sprayed areas contained fewer fireflies and lower diversity than unsprayed areas. Population estimates from semi mountainous areas indicated that the vegetation close to streams and water channels where excessive mosquito larvae are present have high populations of fireflies.

tags: Fireflies, distribution, agro-ecosystem, non-cultivated