First record of the firefly genus Pygoluciola Wittmer (Coleoptera: Lampyridae: Luciolinae) in Thailand

Wandee Wattanachaiyingcharoen & Sorasak Nak-eiam

Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, 65000, Thailand.


Fireflies of the genus Pygoluciola Wittmer are rare in South-East Asia. Previously they were known only from the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, Mindanao Island in the Philippines and a single species in mainland China. Here a first record from Thailand is presented. This version conforms morphologically to an expanded view of the genus lacking the pronounced abdominal modifications.

tags: Pygoluciola, Lampyridae, Luciolinae, firefly genitalia, Thailand